Unlocking your potential to drive meaningful impact

Unlock Your Potential


Investing in your personal development requires time, energy and money but is one of the best investments you can make for a better future.

Satisfaction of employees at the job is at an all time low. A staggering 80% of 1.7 million employees surveyed by Gallup found their jobs did not “set them up to do their best”. This is not only morally unaccepteable but also imposes a huge cost for businesses. Coaching is found to be one the best instruments to improve people’s level of engagement, problem solving skills, interpersonal skill and overall performance.

Our coaching method focuses on passion, strenghts and interpersonal skills.

At Stickbundle we have developed a proprietary coaching method that allows clients to become better teamplayers and boost their performance. The focus is on identifying ambitions, leveraging strengths, learning interpersonal skills and initiating community action for positive change. The method follows sequential 9 steps that fast-track the development of young talents, high-potentials and leaders.

Who benefits?

Our business coaching benefits both individuals and companies by unlocking a person’s potential and maximizing their performance.

Personal Benefits

  • Identify goals and a mission serving as a compass for your career

  • Increase your energy and boosting your morale

  • Improve problem-solving skills and increase confidence to confront issues

  • Strengthen interpersonal skills

  • Learning strategies to inspire others

  • Become a leader for meaningful change

Company Benefits

  • Improved leadership skills

  • More energetic and engaged personnel

  • Increased employee retention

  • Improved relationships, among team & with stakeholders

  • Higher productivity, qualitative output and innovativeness

  • Lower costs

  • Bottom-line profitability

Experience the impact

Not sure what coaching by Stickbundle could mean for you? Book a 30-minute coaching trial.


Clients are guided towards becoming better team players and boosting their performance through identifying ambitions, leveraging strengths, learning interpersonal skills and initiating community action for positive change. 

Do You

– Want to feel more engaged?
– Accelerate your personal growth?
– Aim to grow your circle of influence?
– Wish to build better working relationships?
– Want to master conflicts?
– Desire to be an outstanding leader?

Is Your Business Looking For

– Higher morale among the team?
– Increased employee retention?
– Leaders that can inspire others?
– Stronger relationships with customers, clients and stakeholders relationships?
– Higher productivity and innovation?


We have worked with high-potentials, leaders and teams from the following companies with business operations in emerging countries and frontier markets. 

Genesis Energy Holding


East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer

Africa & Asia

Genesis Analytics

Africa & the Middle East

Advance Insight


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