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Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable 

– Kenyan Proverb

Stickbundle is a global coaching and advisory firm founded by Michel Geerligs. Stickbundle has offices in the Netherlands and Kenya. Specialized in emerging markets and frontier markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America, we guide people and teams to unlock untapped potential and address constraints to growth to become highly impactful. Through our approach, individuals are supported to achieve high personal growth and teams are guided to realize synergies. 

Our approach works best for people and teams that work in the private sector or organisations that are performance-based. We work with individuals, SMEs and corporates across various industries and countries. 

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About Michel Geerligs

Michel Geerligs is a Dutch entrepreneur, coach and human strategist with expertise in the areas of leadership, collaboration and negotiation. He is intrigued and passionate about the power of leadership and collaboration, and coaches high-potentials, leaders and teams to adopt new behaviours that address bottlenecks to high performance and growth. He delivers coaching and consulting on an individual level as well as on the company level. 

Michel is a former Management and Business Consultant with more than 8 years of experience working in emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America. During this time, he partnered with 50+ enterprises in emerging markets to develop growth strategies and investment plans, and raise capital.

Michel Geerligs has 8+ years of experience supporting businesses and organisations operational in emerging markets

He realized that many companies value personal & professional development, learning, leadership, partnerships, and teamwork on the work floor. However, faced with mounting pressures, business leaders often forego investing in human capital, which is a complex and time-consuming process that requires diligence and expertise.

Intrigued and excited by the power of leadership and collaboration, he wondered what many people and companies lack to spur high performance and synergies on the work floor. What holds people back to reach their potential? How can a leader inspire and motivate others? What makes workers connect? His search for answers led to the development of Stickbundle and an effective framework for highly impactful people and teams. 

Our Approach

At Stickbundle, we believe that connection, personal skills and purpose are at the foundation of highly impactful people and teams. Our proprietary framework is designed to bring about an energetic and lively working experience, a shared sense of purpose and a high level of employee engagement, all of which is required for meaningful impact and business growth.

Three pillars: connection, personal skills and purpose

Our individual and team coaching trajectories all revolve around these three pillars. Our one-on-one coaching services focus mostly on ambitions, personal growth and professional goals while team coaching and consulting looks mostly into systems to elicit collective trust and connection, and a common sense of purpose. 

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