Unlocking your potential to drive meaningful impact
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Unlocking potential to drive meaningful impact

We enable unprecedented performance through deep collaboration

Our Story

Stickbundle is a global coaching and advisory firm based in the Netherlands and Kenya. Specialized in emerging markets and frontier markets, we guide people and teams in emerging markets to unlock untapped potential and to address constraints to growth. Working with individuals, SMEs and corporates across various industries and countries, we support people to achieve high personal growth and teams to effectuate synergies.

Our believe is that deep collaboration is the foundation for achieving highly impactful employees and teams

Our Services

At Stickbundle we have developed a set of methodologies that we use to steer individuals and teams towards embracing deep collaboration. These methodologies support individuals in identifying ambitions, leveraging strengths, and learning interpersonal skills. Teams are guided to aligning personal ambitions, co-designing desired interpersonal behavior and creating psychological safety.

Unlock Your Potential

Clients are coached towards becoming better team players and boosting their performance through identifying ambitions, leveraging strengths, learning interpersonal skills and initiating community action for positive change. 

High-Impact Team

Teams are supported to effectuate synergies and create meaningful impact by aligning personal ambitions and team missions, co-designing desired interpersonal behavior, creating psychological safety and initiating community action


We have worked with high-potentials, leaders and teams from the following companies with business operations in emerging countries and frontier markets. 

Genesis Energy Holding


East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer

Africa & Asia

Genesis Analytics

Africa & the Middle East

Advance Insight


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