Our clients value our collaborative, tailored and strategic approach

Our Clients

Our clients often engage with us as trusted partners, allowing us to understand and meet the organisation's long-term needs

Stickbundle works with different types of organisations including startups, scale-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and non-profit organisations. The organisations we work with are active in a wide range of sectors, including consulting, agriculture, IT, financial services, healthcare, renewables and pharma. 

One attribute our clients share is that we work with international and multicultural organisations experiencing change and/or undergoing expansion. Organisations we work with include East-West Seed, Techbridge Invest, Poa! Internet, Genesis Energy Holding, Advance Insight, Advance Consulting, and many others. Most of our clients are based in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. 

We work primarily with international and multicultural organisations experiencing and/or requiring change



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