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Organisation Strategy Consulting Services

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Organisation strategy consulting from experienced professionals. We help you create positive, productive environments and cultures where colleagues thrive.

Why Organisation Strategy Consulting?

We bring together culture, systems, processes, people and performance, and align them with business strategy and objectives

In the fast-moving world of geo-politics, economic uncertainty and changing consumer behaviours, organisations need to be able to adapt quickly and continually evolve.

Traditional top-down, silo-based ways of working are being replaced by people-centred solutions. Why? Formal structures and rigid processes limit the collaboration, innovation, and creativity needed to keep pace with changing business and client needs. At the same time, in environments where colleagues are empowered and feel they are making a difference through their work, people become more energized and committed and organisational performance increases as a result. 

“Times of crisis, disruption and change are not only predictable but also desirable. They mean growth”

At Stickbundle, we help you to (re-)design culture, systems, structures. procedures and processes, enabling your employees and teams to flourish, thereby achieving greater organisational performance and positive impact. Specific services include organisational strategy, culture, change, design and development. 

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Who Benefits From Organisation Strategy Consulting?


– Clarity of purpose and core values

– Increased levels of accountability

– More collaboration & information sharing

– Improved responsiveness to changing needs    

– Engaged and committed people

“All our biggest problems and all our highest aspirations are going to be achieved through brilliant collaboration.”


– A sense of purpose and belonging

– Greater clarity

– Collective growth and development

– Increased creativity and freedom to act

– Empowerment

The Impact of Our Consulting Services

Not sure how our approach could impact your business?

Our Organization Strategy Consulting Workplan

Our consulting services are tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and are performed in close collaboration with change leaders and other key business partners.

1. Scoping

Aligning expectations and setting agreements with sponsor and change leaders

2. Gap Analysis

Inquiry into the organisation and discovery through various diagnostic tools

3. Design & Development

Co-creating interventions and solutions with business partners 

4. Implementation

Facilitating the delivery of organizational change with change leaders

5. Monitor & Adapt

Mini-evaluations and continuous improvement

Does your organisation want..





To have employees and teams that have a collective purpose and are committed to realizing growth and positive change?

To create a culture of collaboration and innovation where information and ideas are translated into valued products and services for your clients?

To simplify your structures, systems and processes making your business activities more demand-driven, flexible and productive?

To become an employer of choice, attracting and retaining motivated and committed high-performers?

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