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Consulting on organisational culture and human capital from specialists to unleash high team performance.

Our Consulting Services

Our consulting services revolve around organisational culture, human capital and employee development.

Our Aim

The ultimate aim of our services is to uplift the performance of teams and organisations as a whole through creating synergies on the work floor and establishing higher employee engagement.

Our Service Offering

Our consulting services can be tailored to the needs of our clients. Our core consulting offering is cultural transformation.

Cultural Transformation

Creating high-impact teams

We consult your team and organisation to implement high-return collaboration practices, such as co-designed interpersonal behaviour, personal & professional check-ins and peer-to-peer coaching.

Our framework for highly impactful people and teams

Our assessments and interventions focus on three pillars of highly impactful people and teams: connection, personal skills and purpose. Through our consulting services we aim to address these pillars. 

  • Companies and leaders cultivate an environment of trust, connection, empowerment and shared leadership.
  • People and team members have a strong (common) purpose and join forces to effectuate change.
  • Individuals have the required resources, (inter) personal skills and ambitions to effectively engage with other people and contribute to the team’s performance.
Highly Impactful People & Teams


Stickbundle works with multicultural organisations and teams experiencing change and/or undergoing expansion. We deliver services across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and have working experience in a variety of sectors, including consulting, financial services, healthcare, agriculture, renewables, pharma & IT.

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